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It’s been over a week since we were all RIFed as one of the blog commenters pointed out on my previous post, and while my colleagues were still reeling from the news, I was so impressed by how quickly most of us hopped right back on the treadmill of sharing our thoughts and news on the web. Several of us were posting stories at Fortune, which has offered us a generous opportunity to offer stories for its web site. You can find Jeff John Roberts writing about Google and the right to be forgotten, Katie Fehrenbacher on Ellen Pao, me on IoT and carriers or ResearchKit and issues we’ll need to resolve with big data and medical research, Derrick Harris writing about Google’s AI, David Mayer on Yahoo’s password decision and Kevin Fitchard discussing IoT and BBQ over there.

Others of us have shared our opinions on the demise of Gigaom from our Managing Editor Laura Hazard Owen to Mathew Ingram doing his Mathew-style wrap up post. Derrick Harris gets a bit grumpy in his own stories. Meanwhile, our gadget guys Kevin Tofel and Janko Roettgers haven’t spent time writing about the loss of the site. Instead they keep focusing on what they know — devices.

Kevin’s review of the Chromebook Pixel is awesome and his thoughts on smart watches are as usual, a must-read. Despite not having an “official” publishing home Janko made it to the top of Techmeme today with his news on the Chromecast now being able to be controlled via your remote (which is pretty sweet). Signe Brewster is freelancing over at Read Write Web during SXSW, and her coverage is awesome, despite getting struck by either heat stroke or food poisoning on Saturday.

While we write our feelings (or our news), the offers are pouring in, and I feel like most of us will be fine. I also want to give a huge shout out to Biz Carson, our amazing assistant managing editor who handled our photos, illustrations, covered Bitcoin and was set to cover technology in the developing world for us. Because she worked tirelessly behind the scenes building illustrations and charts for us, she doesn’t get the limelight many of us do, but she’s a solid reporter and has an endless repository of GIFs that are perfect for the situation.

So while we all handle the news in our own way, we’re all still writing and we’re all still looking out for each other. We’re recommending our colleagues for work, making introductions and tweeting each others’ stories. Because while writers gonna write, friends are going to look out for each other. And I’m pretty lucky to have made these friends. I promise I’ll get less sappy in a week or so, but damn, I’m proud to have been a part of all this.

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  1. Stacey, I’ve recently started listening to your IoT podcast, and it’s been great. I’d love to be informed when you start a new one (or a new whatever). Could you please inform me when you get something up, or perhaps start a newsletter sign-up?


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