Moving on.

Today was my last day at Fortune. After 16 years in the daily grind of churning out stories, I decided it was time to take a step back. We’re at a truly exciting time, and I’d like the chance to properly think about how the rise of ubiquitous data, artificial intelligence, constant surveillance and pressure from economic interests will shape the world to come. Plus, there are the chances to dive into the infrastructure and architectural shifts that will underlie these technological changes.

My inner geek drools at the chance to think about how we will design networks to handle the latency demands of VR. Or what kind of new chip architectures we’ll need for true AI. Don’t even get me started on architecture and security for the Internet of things.

My next step is a relaxing week or two spent tinkering with my connected devices and recording the Internet of Things Podcast without worrying about the daily rush of technology news. After that, I plan on freelancing while I figure out my next steps.

I can tell you that you’ll still see my byline at Fortune on occasion. Probably other places as well. I’m still testing gadgets and giving my take with Kevin Tofel over at The Internet of Things Podcast (and you’ll likely see a few reviews in the coming weeks if I get bored or no one else wants them). I will be planning the Structure Connect conference that’s held in June in San Francisco, so if you have an awesome business implementation or a crazy idea around the IoT, please drop us a line here.

I’m toying around with a crazy idea or two of my own if I can get the courage to go for it. I hope to keep reporting and continue learning. And for everyone out there who has lent me their time, their expertise and their insights I am grateful. There’s nothing more fun the seeing the future, and I couldn’t do it without y’all.

7 thoughts on “Moving on.

  1. Sounds like super exciting times.

    When you’re done with what sounds like a well deserved break I’d love to chat.

    I assume you’ll get my email with the comment.

  2. Stacey
    Enjoy the time off. Reflect deeply. If you find the answers, drop me a line.
    Thanks for being one of the truly talented folks working the beat.

  3. Hey Stacey,
    Just saw the news and wanted to take the time to send a note and say good luck out there – I hope you get the courage to move forward with some of your crazier ideas! I worked with you for some of my IoT clients, like Zonoff with Mike Harris, and I wanted to personally thank you for all your work and thoughtful reporting. Our entire team respects your views on the space, and always looked to you as the top expert and the one who really understood the big picture. It has been a pleasure to listen in on some incredibly intelligent conversations about the future of technology.

  4. Stacy, I appreciate and thank you for accepting my LinkedIn invitation. I had not previously read any of your work, an alert directed me to your “Here’s How the Johnson Controls and Tyco Merger Will Make Buildings Smarter” article. I very much enjoyed that article, and all of the others I’ve read since. Your writings are incredibly insightful and excellent to read. I realize you’re beginning a new chapter I your professional life. I wish I would have started reading your work earlier than I did. I wish you continued success. Sincerely, Tim Ingham

  5. Hi Stacey — Please let me know if you would still like to receive our press releases, and if you do, let me know your new email address. Enjoy the time off!

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