August scores $38M! What will it make or buy next?

August, the company behind the design-minded, connected Bluetooth lock has raised $38 million in venture capital on Wednesday, which is a lot of money considering it has already raised $12 million and managed to produce a sturdy piece of hardware. The company’s press release says it plans to make more devices and expand its team, and I suspect it might get more bang for its buck by snapping up a few of the ideas that have languished on crowdfunding platforms or have hit a snag in production, rather than start afresh with yet another light bulb or connected outlet. Of course, with design genius Yves Behar on the team, we could be in for a radical reinterpretation of some essential home object with connectivity at its core that requires a crazy amount of money. We’ll see. In the meantime, congratulations to Jason Johnson, August’s CEO and the the rest of the team.

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